Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Change Challenge: Committed to Blogging

First, I want to thank all you who have joined me in this Life Change Challenge. It has truly been a blessing.  Sharing our triumphs and challenges as we push each other on has increased my personal commitment to this challenge.  I'm glad to have you on this journey.   I want to stop going around the same mountain and just get to the other side already! Don't you? 

Challenge Update:
Last week, I committed to waking up by 6:00 every morning for prayer and devotion.  My goal was to give myself enough time to have unhurried, uninterrupted time with the Father. In the past, my time of devotion was very one sided and plagued with a bad case of the "give me's" and the "fix it's."  Yet, I felt the Lord pulling on my heart strings, inviting me to desire more of Him. 

Last week's challenge exceeded my expectations.  But, isn't that just like God?  I rolled out of bed, walked into my guest bedroom, and sat quietly before the Lord. In prayer, I asked Him to lead me into worship and guide me through this committed time of devotion.  Oh, did He ever! 

Who knew that carving thirty minutes out of my day would lead to so much fulfillment and joy? Who knew that prayers would be answered, answers to problems would be given, and guidance would be so evident that I could see the ordered steps before me?  Who knew that in the midst of raised hands, uplifted face, rivers of tears, and songs of sweet praise, the Holy Spirit could make His presence known in that little guest bedroom on the corner of my house and minister to my spirit?

There is no place like the love of God. 

So, I am sold.  This change is here to stay.  My life has new meaning and purpose and it all derives from just that small sliver of time in my busy day. 

New Life Change Challenge: 
This week, I am committing to spending the second 30 minutes of my day on blogging.  Whether it's writing, marketing, media relations, networking, or developing my craft, it is time for my to get serious about this blogging ministry.

So, how did your personal Life Change Challenge work for you last week?  What are you working on this week?  Please share in the comments or join me on my facebook page.

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