Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Night of 2014

I always thought the "one word for the New Year" thing was trendy and hokey, until out of nowhere, the Lord dropped one on me on the last day of 2013: "Live," as in the verb. Immediately, the scripture reference came .

John 10:10 ESV The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  

So, I was excited because it was just too weird and yet so promising, and I came up with all these plans and resolutions for what I thought He was referring to. Well, summer came and the resolutions didn't happen and I was feeling down. So, I stopped thinking about "Live" and moved on with my life. 

Last Saturday, as I was driving, the word came back to me and I saw clearly how God meant it when He said "Live." It was like a tape played and He recapped all the ways He has delivered me this year from my stinking thinking that has really held me back and had me bound for years, the issues He's resolved that were past their expiration dates, and the ways he has bound up and healed my emotional and spiritual wounds this year and set me on a new path to really live and live freely in, through, and for Him. 

The visual image I had as the tape played was of buckles popping open 




as the images played and, of course, the praise began. 

So, yeah. 

I'm thankful and grateful to serve a faithful and loving God who stands by His word and promises. When the tape finished playing, He gave me a new word: Release. 

I'm not making any plans for it. 

I'm just going to wait and see what He's going to do in 2015 with that word. 

To God be the glory. 

Happy New Years.