Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I Want to Learn in 2012

In my mind, I am Martha Stewart, B. Smith, Rachel Ray, Beyonce, and Donna Karan all rolled up into one.  Let's throw some Proverbs 31 woman in that mix for good measure!   Well, a girl can dream.  Right? In reality, I am a mom juggling a husband, three kids, homeschooling, a church start-up, and a whole host of other things while still trying to wear a smile.  In the middle of all of that deliciously wonderful craziness, I sometimes remember that I still have so much that I want to learn about and experience just for my own personal growth and development.  I have to remember to remember "Me."

With that in mind, I've decided to become more intentional about creating those opportunities.  I sat down the other day with my iPhone and created a list of things I want to learn and do in 2012.  Some of these are quite simple, but when you are spinning plates, you really don't have the luxury of taking your eyes off of the plates long enough to look at something else.  As a result, I still have a great deal to learn!  Please know that you have my permission to laugh.

What I want to Learn in 2012

  •  How to bake a cake from scratch that is both edible and down right delicious
  • Basic and advanced cake decorating techniques.  I can do some basic fondant work, but I know I can do better.
  • How to artistically apply eye shadow, especially some of the purples and blues!  The last time I had a makeover was in 2005.  I still have the makeup from that session.  It's time to move on!
  • How to style and maintain my locs on my own.
  • How to dress myself for my body type and personality.
  • How to decorate my house.  My marriage is Mr. Uptown meets Southern Miss.  We really have to figure out how to bring this thing together stylistically in our home.
  • How to really cook plants-based, whole foods meals.  I have some recipes in my arsenal, but I want to learn how to prepare a great variety of meals.
  • How to sew for decorating purposes. 
  • If I can convince my husband, I really want to fulfill my marriage-long dream (11 years) of learning how to salsa with my man! You guys pray about that one for me.  Okay?  
  • Organic gardening.  I am realizing that the best way to get the best foods for my family at the cheapest price is to grow them for myself.
  • How to balance homeschooling an 8 year old, with an academically advanced three year old and busy one year old in tow.  I am beyond exhausted by the end of the daily homeschool routine.  
  • How to enhance my blog beyond this basic format.  I see it in my head and it's time to put it on the screen!
I have lots to learn and I can't wait to get started.  What are you planning to learn?

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