Monday, June 25, 2012

For the Good Times

It all started with a can of paint.  Daffodil yellow to be exact.  It lit up the room with sunshine, sun for my son to be.

Along came a crib, changing table, rocking chair, and accessories.

A nursery.  Place of refuge for my wee ones.  Three little boy blues...

Man Cub 1

Seasons came and went. Years went by.  Babies were loved and lost. Welcomed, nurtured, hoped for, prayed over, loved.

Man Cub 2

They found quiet shelter in that nursery.  Whispers of God's love from my heart poured into little ears. 

Man Cub 3

Well, times change.  A season has come to a definite end and a new season has begun.  Gone is my Baby Welcoming Season and in it's place is the Season of Raising Real Men.

I said goodbye the other day.  Packed up little baby clothes to give away, smelling their sweet scent for the last time.  Preserving those I just could not stand to part with. 

Down came the crib and changing table.  They are helping another mother build shelter for her little ones. 

In its place, the beginnings of a big kid room, a boy cave for my oldest... full-sized bed, locker-style night stand, plaid quilt.

A full circle.

He has returned to his first room, but gone are the rounded cheeks, fresh baby smell, and sweet baby toes.  Now resides a man cub, who emulates his father and craves to find shelter and privacy from little brothers who can't seem to stay out of his treasures.

I said goodbye the other day.  To days that shall only live in my memories.  I said hello to a new season.  Bittersweet, yet highly anticipated.

Thanks for the memories.  Thanks for the good times.


  1. Bitter sweet as you watch them grow, to say good bye to each stage. The gift of days, weeks, and years with our precious children are a blessing from God. Time is not the enemy, but the gift.

    1. Just the other day, I was frustrated about the endless demands of motherhood and wishing that they could just hurry past this current stage. Then, I caught myself and thought, "Trina, you are hurrying them right out the door!" I love that line. "Time is not the enemy, but the gift."

  2. Oh my. Wonderful and I felt each moment. My man cub is fullgrown bearman now and has taken a wife I love from inside my heart. It's a new experience. But the sweet reminders of those early days and wishing for 24 hours to re experience them...ahhhhhh

    1. I've been working on showing and not just telling, so I'm so happy to see that you could feel my love for my boys. Bearman...makes me giggle. Thank you for reminding me to savor the moments.