Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes, a Little Drama is Necessary

During quiet time today, I could hear Stephen kicking his headboard. So, I walked stealthily upstairs and swung open the door. He sat straight up and pointed across the room at Andrew, who was peeking over the top of his book. I focused in on Stephen and whispered, "I am the mommy. I can see and hear everything in this house. God gives all mommies the ability to figure things out when it comes to their children." His beautiful cinnamon-colored eyes grew wide with awe. I followed with a pregnant pause, directed him to lay down with just my finger, and then stared him down until the door was closed. Exit Mama, stage left.


  1. I tell Cody the same thing. He will be very upset to find out that he often gives himself away, and he won't gain a "superpower" (as he calls it) when he has kids of his own.

    The power of a mom....

  2. At 8, Andrew is just beginning to question my superpowers, but I can tell that there is still a huge part of him that wants to believe that Mommy is superwoman. *giggle*